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Update (2015): Alscot Park revisited: https://handedon.wordpress.com/2015/11/13/alscot-park-warwickshire-redux/

An absolute cracker and still, pleasingly, relatively obscure.

see source: alscotpark.co.uk

Stop anyone in the county and ask them to name it’s Grade I listed houses and I’m guessing about two in a hundred would come up with this beauty.

Acquired by the Wests in 1749 thence James the first set about expanding and Gothickising the house. ‘The best thing about Alscot Park is the internal composition or procession of rooms,’ said Pevsner which is a bit of shame since, as the estate website tells us, ‘The house is not open for public viewing’.

Alscot also seems to give the lie to the oft-quoted saw that land doesn’t necessarily equal money. Sitting on 4,000 acres of prime ‘Shakespeare country’, the estate would appear to be a model of viability without feeling any great need to tap into the tourist honey-trap that is Stratford-on-Avon just two-and-half miles up the road.

see source: Robin Dickin Racing

Now leasing some space to a racehorse training stable, a more agreeable, harmonious and thoroughly worthwhile activity its hard to imagine, you’ll agree! And which leads us naturally on to the rather enviable existence of another trainer over at the equally blog-worthy estate of…

[Alscot estate]



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